Radio Worldwide has formed partnerships with several other Christian media organisations. Working together is an effective way for agencies to develop and reach out to people across the globe.

IBRA - IBRA is a Christian media broadcasting organisation, producing radio programmes which are broadcast in over 100 countries, supported by many local churches in Scandinavia. 

Reach Beyond - is committed to setting up radio stations across the globe and also provides broadcaster training. They broadcast a variety of programmes over shortwave, FM, AM, satellite and the Internet. They have their UK office in Bradford, close to Radio Worldwide's HQ and we enjoy good fellowship. From time to time both organisations help each other with training and technical advice. Reach Beyond is part of a worldwide organisation with its main HQ in the USA.

FEBA - FEBA broadcasts radio programmes to hard-to-reach communities in Africa, South and Central Asia and the Middle East.  Radio Worldwide staff have worked with FEBA, giving technical, programming and training support in many areas of the world.

ICTI - This initiative aims to raise the quality of Christian media education. ICTI sets out common standards in media training which its members must work towards. Students taking ICTI-accredited courses can be confident that they will receive highly professional training. Radio Worldwide is a member of ICTI.

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