The RW Team (as at January 2017)

Tony and Lydia (Team Leaders)

Tony and Lydia joined the RW team full-time in December 2011. Their roles have been admin, production and training. They have been RW leaders since January 1st 2016.

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Tony Lydia. Oct 2016 thumb

Christopher (Training, International)

Christopher joined RW from FEBA Radio in the Seychelles. Chris has considerable experience running radio training courses around the World, including East Africa, Asia and the Middle East. 


Roger and Kathy (Training, Togo)

Roger and Kathy are living in Africa. They have set up mediAfrique in Togo. This is a media training centre for francophone Africa. Kathy works as a kindergarten teacher. They have 3 daughters Elena, Fiona and Sydney.  

Roger & Kathy Stoll

Grace (Retired)

Grace was with RW from 1965 to 2012 and has a wealth of experience and memories. Although now retired, Grace still visits the RW offices and spends a day or so each week, responding to RW's supporters, and sorting through our vast archive of photographs.