Radio Worldwide has experienced many changes more than 50 years, both in the advancement of new technology such as digital equipment and computers, and in the growth and development of the ministry.


thumb_phil_reading1961 – Radio Worldwide is born at Harold Road, in the shadow of Crystal Palace in southeast London. Its founders, Phil and Miriam Booth, want to create good quality radio programmes for the unreached peoples of the world.

1962 – The first programmes are recorded and broadcast.

1964 – The team expands and a recording studio and control room is built at the property.

discussing a drama script1965 – The team work alongside others to provide the first introductory course on missionary radio, the EMA Radio Course, recognising that, besides programme production, training Christians to have radio skills is also important.

1970 – The Radio Worldwide ministry has really grown. Every week 30 Radio Worldwide programmes are broadcast on 13 stations worldwide.

Late 1970s – The next door property in Harold Road is divided into flats to accommodate the growing team.

thumb_bill_turntable1980 – Hurchington Manor in Bexhill, East Sussex, is purchased as a training unit for overseas students. This new centre offers accommodation and comprehensive radio training courses, and is complete with a brand new radio studio and up-to-date equipment. Radio programmes continue to be produced at Harold Road.

1986 – Radio Worldwide celebrates its Silver Jubilee, with a residential conference and thanksgiving service in London.

Heather Wraight1993 – Both the training and programming centres combined, as Radio Worldwide moves to Springhead Park House, Leeds. Their broadcasting and music production studios, training facilities, offices and accommodation for both staff and students are all housed in the new headquarters.Training and partnership projects are developed overseas, so that Christians can learn radio skills in their own communities.

1994 – The first 'On Air Training Course' runs – a 2-week course which combines basic training in radio production skills with live broadcasting. Facilities are updated as technology develops, with new digital recording and editing equipment.

graduates from Africa2006 – The Radio Worldwide team are joined by other media ministries in WEC, as Springhead Park House becomes the Northern Centre for WEC International.

2011 – Our 50th year! Radio Worldwide continued to produce radio programmes, primarily for non-Christian audiences. Training is also a priority, with involvement in distance learning projects and overseas training, as well as a beginner’s radio course at Springhead Park House.

2016 - Radio worldwide faces a new and exciting future. The previous 4 years saw a number of staff coming, going, and staying. A new leadership, a revised vision, and a determination to expand the ministry of Radio Worldwide into new and exciting areas of ministry - all combine to give RW a sense of excitement and faithful anticipation.


We don't know what will happen next, but one thing we do know - we're excited about it!

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