partnersUseful links

In Christian radio there is a long history of co-operation through partnerships between radio groups. Here is a list of some of these agencies, together with links to their websites.

IBRA, FEBA, reach Beyond, and ICTI are Radio Worldwide's four partners with which we work closely.

The mission agency, WEC International is our parent organisation with UK and International links

Links for radio broadcasting

• BBC News for up-to-date news items in the UK, and around the world.

• OfCom is a good place to look for application forms, information and costs for setting up an independent radio station. You can get an application for a RSL here.

• the Radio station Directory is provided by

• Community Media Association is a group set up to support community media groups in the UK, and now worldwide. On their site you can expect to find information about training resources, as well as links and advice.

• Radio Presenting offers some useful hints & tips on presentation for music radio.

• is a website listing Christian Radio stations and resources.

• For more Christian radio material, Audiopot provides a place where Christian programmers can exchange short audio pieces for use in local radio.

cablesLinks to other radio groups

FEBC was the parent organisation of FEBA Radio. They operate a station in the Philippines, where in the past many Radio Worldwide programmes have been heard. RW has co-operated in training, both by receiving training help from FEBC and providing courses for them. WEC members in Thailand work with FEBC Thailand.

Revival Media aims to communicate though adverts and sponsorship on UK commercial radio stations. When RW was based at Bexhill-on-the-Sea, we had closer links with Revival Media (then called "Hour of Revival").

Revival Radio is a group of Christians based in central Scotland who produce regular 28-day RSL broadcasts.

Caleb Radio is a similar group based in Lanarkshire. They broadcast for 28-day periods, up to twice a year, under the conditions of the Restricted Service Licence (RSL)

Back to the Bible has a US Headquarters as well as a number of local offices around the world. For many years Radio Worldwide has had close links with the UK office which is known as 'GNB'. We have also worked with the Sri Lanka offices of Back to the Bible. As well as providing training there, we have had Sri Lankan staff visit the UK for training.

Gospel Broadcast Systems Ltd is a voluntary group based in the Wirral - in the North West of England. They are programme producers for UK and overseas. GBS team members at one time were regular contributors to RW programming. We have been able to help them with training.

GRF Christian Radio is a Glasgow (Scotland) based Christian group who are independant producers of a wide range of innovative religious radio programmes.

Premier Radio operates an AM station for Greater London, broadcasting Christian material.

Shine FM (Northern Ireland) is a group with a commitment to peace and reconciliation. RW has been able to provide training and technical help. While Shine FM has been broacasting under the UK RSL scheme, they are now however one of two Christian groups to have trial medium-term community broadcast licenses.

TWR (TransWorld Radio) is a major Christian broadcaster worldwide.

UCB is a UK Christian broadcaster who transmit by satellite (Sky Digital) and are campaigning strongly for a terrestrial national licence in the UK.

Cape Community FM is a Christian community broadcaster in Cape Town, South Africa. RW has been privileged to assist CCFM with training at their station in Cape Town, and recommends them as a good model for Christian Community broadcasting.

Galcom International is a Christian Missions Organization with a vision to provide durable technical equipment for communicating the Gospel worldwide.

Hope FM in Bournemouth (UK) is a Christian community station operating at present under the RSL rules and therefore on the air for 28 days at a time.

Bible Broadcasting Network say that their purpose "is to get God's word into the hearts and minds of people using the most efficient means at our disposal. Radio remains the most cost-effective tool for reaching people with the Gospel and teaching them 24 hours a day." are a christian radio and tv portal. They state that their purpose is "to encourage and collaborate all works in christian media especially in french speaking countries."

equipmentSupplier links

Here are some links to technical suppliers that we recommend and/or use:

• Broadcast Warehouse is a supplier of equipment for small scale stations.

• is a useful resource for Broadcast & Studio professionals. This site includes a large database of products varying from broadcast transmitters to portable minidisc players.

• Veronica Broadcasting Equipment is another equipment supplier.

• NRGKits are the makers of transmitters and kits

Worship music links

• Heart Sounds International produces digital recordings of ethnic worship music with the goal that "every people should worship our awesome God in an awesome way that reflects their own culture."

• Resonance is WEC's multi-ethnic cross-cultural worship ministry, based here at Springhead Park House, but ministering in various countries, researching worship styles and languages of music and the arts.