KEB Project

In 2016 we completed a project for the German branch of the Child Evangelism Fellowship.

The project was to record and produce 170 3-minute dramas in English for their Telephone Ministry. The vision for the project is to see children around the world coming to faith in Jesus having heard a series of dramas in their own language over the telephone.

We have been privileged to be part of the project, especially as the recordings are available for us for free. You can hear these episodes below by clicking on the player for each one. Please let us know what you think, and if you want us to be involved in a similar project for you.

(Other languages are available too - but at a later date!)

Episodes 1 to 10

001 Jesus Blesses The Little Children

002 Calming the Storm

003 The Prodigal Son

004 Bartimaeus can See

005 God loves all the Children

006 The Ten Lepers

007 David and Goliath

008 Paul and Silas in Philippi

009 The Most Beautiful Time

010 Christmas Quiz

Further episodes

Further episodes are available.  (1-10) (11-20) (21-30) (31-40) (41-50) (51-60) (61-70) (71-80) (81-88) (89-100) (101-110) (111-121) (122-130) (131-139) (140-150) (151-161) (162-170)