Distance Media

music_rackAffordable online media courses

Radio Worldwide and IBRA Radio are working together to provide online media training, through the Distance Media project.

A range of courses are offered, to help Christians increase their media skills. Several of the RW team are involved in tutoring the Distance Media courses.

Accessible media training

Distance Media aims to be available to as many as possible. By keeping course costs low and providing tutoring online, Christians worldwide are able to enjoy Distance Media's informative courses.

working on computerLearn from home

Students of Distance Media download teaching material and work on assignments from their own computer. Support and feedback is given by a qualified tutor, either from RW or IBRA. Through online chat, students also interact with their peers. As people from all over the world are taking Distance Media courses, this is a great way to mix with different cultures.

Various modules

Students are required to take a 3-week Study Gateway course (free of charge), and can then choose from a range of media subjects.

This year's modules include: Writing for the Media, Web Radio, Creative Programming, Studio Operation Theory and many more. Students may take as many or as few courses as they wish.

Diploma in Media Production

After completing all Distance Media courses and gaining practical experience, it is possible to take an examination and achieve a DM Diploma in Media Production.

DistanceMedia.netDistance Media receive a lot of positive feedback. The valuable skills that students learn can then be applied to their own media ministries. The courses give more Christians a chance to develop the skills they need to be involved in media and to communicate the gospel in new ways.

DistanceMedia.net has more information and details of available courses. Contact DistanceMedia