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togo courseMediAfrique equipping Christians in
West Africa to use media in their ministry

En Français

MediAfrique provides professional media training for Christians in francophone Africa.

They run an 8-month Media Production course at their training school in Lomé, Togo, believing that radio broadcasting is an effective way for African churches to reach the wider community.

The course is aimed at Christians in Francophone Africa who wish to:

• Create high quality radio programmes that communicate the gospel effectively
• Learn how to operate and manage a radio station
• Develop and enhance existing media and communication skills

Preparing students to work in media production

The programme is designed to give students a thorough knowledge of the various skills needed when working in radio, covering a variety of topics such as:

togo_course_mix• Studio Operation
• Writing for Radio
• Communication Theory
• Journalism & Ethics
• Creative Programming
• Presentation in Broadcasting
• Studio Maintenance
• Planning & Scheduling
• Follow-up
• Missiology
• Radio Theatre
• Station Management
• Sociology applied to Media
• Promotion & Marketing
• Media Research

    togo lectureBoth theoretical and practical training is given, with plenty of 'hands on' experience, including a 2 month internship at a radio station of the student's choice.

    Professional Training

    Accredited by ICTI (International Communication Training Institute), MediAfrique provides training to a high standard. Students learn from professional broadcasters and receive the support of experienced and qualified media staff.

    By the end of the course, students will be familiar with all stages of radio production and have the skills needed to be multi-purpose media producers.

    Become a MediAfrique student

    MediAfrique logoStudents usually have previous media experience, and a minimum of four years in secondary/high school. They must be able to speak and write French, and be a committed Christian, taking an active part in their Church.

    Contact MediAfrique for further information and course prices. If you are interested in participating in next year's programme, please get in touch. (Or visit their facebook page)