About Radio Worldwide

We want to see unreached people groups and communities reached with the gospel of Jesus to the glory of God through culturally sensitive outreach media.

To do this we work with the worldwide church, WEC and like-minded organisations in resourcing and enabling Christian Media Practitioners to work with their local teams in employing and furthering the use of Culturally Sensitive Outreach Media.

Some of the ways we work are:

  • Establishing Strategic Partnerships
  • Building an International Network of Christian Media Practitioners
  • Delivering Effective Training
  • Producing Creative Media
  • Providing Targeted Resources
  • Engaging with Social Media and other platforms
  • Seizing opportunities to represent our ministry wherever possible and appropriate

We are a ministry of WEC International, a Christian mission agency committed to seeing Jesus Christ known, loved and worshipped among those who haven't yet heard the gospel.